Through working in a production support role I have gained an understanding of how and why automations fail in production as I am the one that has to fix them. I am looking to take this knowledge and transition into a new build role where I can put this knowledge to use building robust automations that are easier to support and maintain.


RPA Developer – Production Support
Ashling Partners 05/2021 – Present
-Monitor automations in production
-Troubleshoot production failures
-Perform bug fixes of production automations using UiPath Studio
-Perform code enhancements of production automations using UiPath Studio
-Deploy automations to production using UiPath Orchestrator
-Participate in knowledge transfers, hypercare, and continuous support of automations
-Configure and set up UiPath Orchestrator


The University of Texas at Dallas   Richardson, TX
   B.S. Computer Science     December 2020          

Technical Skills

Projects and Awards

Automated Admissions Bot (First Prize Winner at UiPath Hackathon 2019)
Built an automated admissions bot using UiPath Studio that could scrape data, verify user input, populate an excel worksheet, and recommend an admission decision.

CI/CD Pipeline (First Prize Winner of Ashling Partners 2021 Innovation Challenge)
My contribution to the team was building out the entire solution in Azure DevOps. I created a CI/CD pipeline that would be triggered by a push from UiPath Studio. The pipeline would then build, test, and deploy the code to Orchestrator when proper approvals are given.

Pulp Fiction Chatbot (on GitHub)
Used NLP techniques to create a chatbot in Python that could carry on a limited conversation with a user about the movie Pulp Fiction. The bot would save information about each conversation including counts and term frequency of tokens to text files.