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First of all, wow. I hadn’t realized that it had been so long since I had posted something. So much has changed for me since my last post. I’ll start this off with a quick update and share some things about my journey.

Well, I have been gainfully employed for about six weeks now at a company that I really like and I am lucky enough to work with people that I really enjoy working with. I work for a company called Ashling Partners as a mROC associate. I imagine nobody really knows what that means so I will elaborate.

Ashling Partners is in the business of Intelligent Automation and is currently a leader in this field. I was lucky enough to be hired into their Modern Robotic Operations Center or mROC for short. My job primarily consists of monitoring automations that are in production and working to resolve any issues that present themselves. I plan on diving into this a little more in a future post. The important takeaway for the moment is that I love the company that I work for and truly believe in the vision of our leadership. They gave me a great opportunity that I am extremely grateful for. 

Anyone who has followed me on this journey may be wondering if my plan worked or how did I come by this job. It’s a great story actually. I’ll start at the beginning. In 2019 I was doing what most college students were doing, trying to find an internship over the summer. I applied and interviewed, and applied and interviewed, and applied and interviewed but nothing ever came to fruition. One day I received and email from my university’s outreach center. It just stated that some company named UiPath was holding a hackathon in a few months and gave us a way to find out more information incase anyone was interested. I had failed in getting an internship so I read more about UiPath and decided that the hackathon sounded fun and would give me some experience and something to put on my resume.

I was directed to the website for UiPath Academy and started working through their curriculum to learn robotic process automation. I found RPA very interesting and saw the value that it could provide. It was definitely something that I wanted to continue with. After a few weeks I got an update that there would be a meetup in Dallas where the hackathon would be discussed by some representatives from UiPath. I didn’t quite know what to expect but eagerly drove to the event when the time came. 

I remember being one of the first to arrive and was immediately greeted by Judy and Diana from UiPath. They were both extremely friendly and instantly made me feel comfortable. I walked around and chatted with a few people and enjoyed the free food. We had pizza and pasta if I remember correctly. We were then given a presentation and were told a little bit about UiPath and how the hackathon would work. After the presentation, I was greeted by a man with a huge smile. He introduced himself as Naveen and asked if I would like to be his partner for the upcoming hackathon. I accepted and we made plans to meet at the UiPath event in Houston when the time came. 

Fast forward to the hackathon. I met Naveen at the event and we decided to proceed with a two person team even though most of the teams had four or more members. He already had a pretty good idea for the automation that we would build in the next 36 hours. After some questioning from me about his idea, we decided to move forward with it. The two of us ended up building an automation that could automate a big part of the admission process at a university. This was good enough to place first in the hackathon. I think we even each received around $2500 in Amazon gift cards for our prize. I had a great time and left thinking that RPA was the future and was something that I wanted to be involved in.

I took this newfound excitement to the career fairs at my university. Unfortunately, when I told recruiters that I was looking for a position in RPA nobody really knew what I was talking about. After about a year of this I kind of gave up on the idea of being a RPA developer and started to acquire at least what I thought to be more in demand skills.

After failing to find employment for a few months after graduation, Naveen reached out and asked if I would like to be referred to his company. I thought sure why not and told him that I would. Shortly after, the recruiter Mashaal reached out and set me up for an interview. I then went through a few more interviews then eventually received an offer. I have been at Ashling Partners ever since.

I am super grateful to Naveen for referring me and for everyone at Ashling for working with me to get me hired. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about the company. I think the major takeaway from this is that it is funny how things work out sometimes and you never know what the future hold. I had been turned down from so many companies and had been obtaining a completely different set of skills. At the end of the day, I received my first job out of college from a good old fashioned referral.


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