The Plan (Projects)

When researching what I could do to make my resume stand out, I came across some great information. One of the main things I saw was to put relevant projects on your resume. Due to a lack of professional work experience (delivering pizzas doesn’t count), I knew I had to find other ways to attempt to make my resume stand out. 

I haven’t done any personal projects yet so I had to make use of a few projects that I had worked on during school and another for a hackathon. I started out by placing these projects on my GitHub account. I then linked to them in my resume. I have kept track of the views of my work on GitHub but it seems that virtually nobody actually follows the links to my code on there so linking to the actual code may not be that important. I do often get asked questions about the projects that I have listed so it is definitely a good idea to be very knowledgeable about a project if you are going to use it on your resume.

In addition to these projects, I have been asked by recruiters if I have any personal projects. They do usually seem disappointed when I tell them that I don’t. I’ve noted this and am starting to put together ideas for a personal project that I would find interesting to build and could use to showcase my abilities. Right now I am working through the Odin Project to teach myself some web development technologies and plan to use what I learn there to build an interactive project that I can showcase to employers. 

Next time, I plan to talk about some of the projects that I have listed on my resume so make sure to check back if that is something you are interested in. Until then, have a wonderful day.

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