The Plan (My Resume)

In order to accomplish anything in life, it is good to have a solid plan. To begin I set a clear goal for myself: gain employment in the area of software development. Next I looked at the process for accomplishing this goal: apply to job, interview, then accept an offer. Through my experience in applying for internships and researching this process I was able to gain some insight into how to go about this process.

In order to apply for a job you have to well, apply. Almost every application that I have submitted required a resume so I took a look at my resume. My resume has gotten a fair amount of responses in the past so I didn’t really see room for much improvement there. My resume can be found in the navigation on the top of this page. I made sure to list skills that I have experience with along with technologies that I am comfortable talking about. Any skill listed on your resume is fair game so I made sure to only list skills that I am competent in. Next I made sure to list projects that I have done as well as links to them on my GitHub account. I do get questioned about these projects so I had to make sure that I was extremely familiar with anything that I put on there. Although I have been employed for the extent of my college career, I chose not to put that work experience on there as it wasn’t relevant to the job that I was applying for. I opted to instead focus on technical skills and projects. I also listed my education and a brief summary at the top of the resume. The summary just talks about some of my skills and gives a brief introduction about me. Above the summary I listed my contact information including my email address, LinkedIn account, this website, and my GitHub. 

I have found that my resume is constantly changing. The resume that I currently use is at least version ten. Whenever I found out information or was given a suggestion on how to improve, I did so. My current resume will definitely not be my last as I am always looking to improve. I haven’t taken advantage of my university’s career center yet but was given constructive criticism from recruiters and teachers to get it to the point that it is at now. If I feel like I am not getting enough responses from it, I will look to overhaul it again. Constructing a resume is an iterative process and I make sure to remember that.

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