Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at a blog so bear with me here. I originally built this site to aide with my job search, but then decided to create a blog to help others and document my journey. I truly haven’t had much guidance in life and have had to figure out many things for myself. This is my attempt to help others that might be in the same situation so that their path can be a little bit easier than mine. 

I graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas in December of 2020 with a degree in Computer Science. I’ve always had an interest in computers but a big reason for joining this field was a sense of job security. I was told by many people that a Computer Science degree would pretty much guarantee a great job. It wasn’t until my Junior year that I found out the importance of internships. Unfortunately, around the time that I was beginning my search my mother got sick and passed away. This really put a damper on things. I still completed several interviews and passed technical tests but was just never given an offer. Feedback I received ranged from, “You did great in you interview, but you just weren’t selected”, to being completely ghosted by companies. I would love to say that I took this in stride, but that wouldn’t be true. I got a little down about it, but eventually put it behind me when another opportunity arose. I was given a chance to learn a new technology and spent the summer learning about RPA development and UiPath. I even went to their first U.S. hackathon in Houston where I was part of a team that built a college admissions bot that placed first.

I spent the following two semesters attending career fairs at the school and looking for an internship in RPA development. I wasn’t successful this time around either as many employers didn’t even know what is was. I was fortunate enough to receive some great feedback from a recruiter at Samsung that my resume needed some work. I followed their advice and updated it. Now summer was coming up and I only needed one more semester to graduate. I started applying and interviewing, then COVID happened. Many companies went on a hiring freeze and I heard about many students losing their internships. I still kept applying but didn’t get many responses. When I did, I was always questioned about why I never had an internship. None of these interviews led to offers either. 

Fast forward a semester and here I am, graduating into a pandemic with no internships and only school-related projects. I haven’t had much luck in the job search and am currently delivering pizzas to support myself. 

Welcome to my journey. I plan to follow this up with my plan for obtaining employment and will document my journey along the way. Stay tuned for great things.


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