Month: January 2021

The Plan (Projects)

When researching what I could do to make my resume stand out, I came across some great information. One of the main things I saw was to put relevant projects on your resume. Due to a lack of professional work experience (delivering pizzas doesn’t count), I knew I had to find other ways to attempt …

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The Plan (My Resume)

In order to accomplish anything in life, it is good to have a solid plan. To begin I set a clear goal for myself: gain employment in the area of software development. Next I looked at the process for accomplishing this goal: apply to job, interview, then accept an offer. Through my experience in applying …

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Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at a blog so bear with me here. I originally built this site to aide with my job search, but then decided to create a blog to help others and document my journey. I truly haven’t had much guidance in life and have had to figure out many …

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