Software Engineer

About Me

I graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas in December of 2020. In addition to the general Computer Science curriculum, I have experience building bots with UiPath Studio and Machine Learning models with Python. I have also been working through The Odin Project to learn full-stack development. I am interested in pursuing a career where I can create different things using my technological skills. My main hobby is self-improvement. When I have free time, I can usually be found at the gym or at home practicing guitar (still not very good though). Recently I have also been working on my gardening skills. I currently have a little juniper tree, a peace lily, and am growing basil, dill, and parsley. My next project will be either tomatoes or peppers. I really enjoy nature and learning about the world around me. When I hear about something that I am not familiar with, oftentimes I fall down the YouTube rabbit hole trying to learn as much as I can about the subject.