Software Engineer

About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Dalton Russell and I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in Computer Science in December of 2020. I really enjoy working with automation and got involved with RPA in 2019 when I decided to compete in UiPath’s first U.S. hackathon. I met my partner Naveen at one of the UiPath meetups in Dallas and decided that we would make a good team. We came up with and idea to automate a lot of the college admissions process. We ended up taking this idea down to the hackathon in Houston where we built out our solution and placed first. I ended up taking home several thousand dollars worth of Amazon gift cards as a prize which were quickly converted into a gpu, monitor, and vr headset. Upon graduation a year later I followed Naveen to a company called Ashling Partners where I have been working as an RPA Developer on the production support side since May of 2021. While working at Ashling I won the company wide innovation challenge by building a CI/CD pipeline that could automate build, testing, and deployment to Orchestrator after some approval steps along the way. Working in production support has given me the opportunity to touch a lot of production code as my main responsibilities are bug fixes and code enhancements. I’ve gained experience with many different applications as I have to have at least a working knowledge of any system that a bot touches so that I can service it. Being on the production support side has also given me exposure to infrastructure as well as Cloud Orchestrator deployments. I’ve also gained a good understanding of how and why bots fail in production. I hope to take this knowledge and build robust automations that are easy to support and stay up and running as long as possible.